Reduce Stress / Anxiety

The Stress Less Program.

Stress is a normal part of everyday life. In fact, stress can be beneficial for some people as it can be a motivator to achieve success in life. However, not everybody reacts the same to stress and not everybody has equal amounts of stress in their lives. The Stress Less Program will benefit you if you find yourself experiencing two or more of the following symptoms and have found yourself unable to get out of feeling this way.

Do You:

1. Have recurrent worrying thoughts.

2. Find it difficult to sleep.

3. Spend time being anxious about future events.

4. Avoid situations that make you feel uncomfortable.

5. Find your mind racing.

6. Find less joy in the things in life that you used to enjoy.

7. Rarely feel a sense of happiness or peace of mind.

8. Experience GUT problems.

9. Find your self getting easily irritated.

10. Feel overwhelmed with everyday activities.

Our stress response dates back to what was highly adaptive for our ancestors, as we faced the threat of being killed or potentially being eaten our body developed an appropriate stress response. We are programmed under stressful situations to go into what is known as a ‘Fight or Flight’ mode, which causes our body to divert blood and resources away from our reproductive, cognitive and digestive systems and towards our extremities.

Our stress response also typically initiates a cascade of mechanisms that produces cortisol, and cortisol initiates a pro-inflammatory response. Hence, it is not unusual to have chronic stress implicated in many of the inflammatory conditions found in the body a good example of which is Irritable Bowel Disease.

The 'Stress Less Program' works with you as a functional body unit rather than just focusing on reducing stressful thoughts. Hence, it improves your health both mentally and physiologically.

Stage 1: Complete the Metagenics MOOD & STRESS QUESTIONNAIRE. This will enable us to determine which Herbal Medicine and nutrients are best suited to reduce your symptoms and help you reduce your immediate levels of stress.

Learn a simple 7 minute per day Mind Calming Exercise that is easy to master and significantly assists with a calming a busy mind.

We work through a Personal History Questionnaire – this covers from your current situation in life right back over the different significant events that have led you to where you are today.

Stage 2: Learn the NLP model of Communication. When we feel stressed or anxious it is not unusual for us to feel that if we could control the external circumstances in our life – then our lives would be better. However, we often cannot control external circumstances – our power is changing how we react to these events.

Learning the NLP model of communication changes how you see your life circumstances and give you the understanding of how YOU have the power to change the outcomes in your life.

Stage 3: We use 'Time Line Therapy Techniques' to release the core emotions that are holding you stuck in your current situation. The 5 key emotions that typically impact our ability to cope with stress and anxiety are Anger, Sadness, Fear, Guilt and Avoidance of conflict.

Sgage 4: Releasing Limiting Decisions – Limiting decisions are decisions that we have made about our selves or others that simply do not assist us in achieving our life goals. Examples of limiting decisions include but are not limited to “I am not good enough”, “I always fail”, “Nobody ever gives me a fair go”.

Using Time Line Therapy techniques we eliminate these decisions and replace them with a filter that supports your life mission.

Stage 5: A value’s alignment. Have you ever wondered to know why some parts of your life seem to work easily while other areas are always surrounded by turmoil. While doing Value’s Alignment you will learn the important technique of not just avoiding what you don’t want BUT focusing on what you want to achieve.

Stage 6: You will retake the Mood & Stress Questionnaire. At this stage you are progressively working towards your goals and focusing on what you want in your life. You will make a decision if you want to partake in a maintenance program that requires one visit per month over the following 6/12 months until you require no further assistance. The duration of maintenance is based on each individual client and is recommended until you find you don’t need the sessions anymore.
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