Holistic WeightLoss

There are 7 Core Principles involved in Successful Sustained weight loss.

1. Mindfulness / Mindset:

“You can CHANGE ANYTHING once you are willing to CHANGE YOUR MIND”.
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This is true for all areas of our lives. The first place the change needs to occur is in our thinking. A key part of the weightloss jigsaw puzzle is to learn how to become master of your thoughts and make conscious choices rather than be driven by fears, anger, decisions that are self-limiting and low self-esteem. Most programs on the market focus almost solely on WHAT you eat and are largely based on the principle of use less calories and hence burn fat. The difficult with this approach as a long term solution is that the body simply learns how to manage and survive on less calories. Hence, the weight returns when we stop dieting. Let's face it....it's extremely difficult if not impossible to stay on a restrictive diet forever.....


In The Holistic Weight Loss Program … we focus on the why of eating. This is because we consume food not just for hunger but also when we are tired, emotional, sleep deprived, bored or a lot of the time because it happens to be breakfast time or lunchtime. The Holistic Weight Loss Program teaches you how to recognize and get back in touch with eating for hunger while giving you tools and solutions to handle the emotions, sleep deprivation, boredom etc. We teach you not just how to calm your mind by just doing a 7 minutes per day exercise but also give you tools on how to release emotions such as anger, fear and guilt and introduce you to Growth Mindset techniques.

2. Working with your Hormones:
Our Hormones are hugely important to our physiological health. Some of the hormones that impact our ability to lose weight including but not limited to Ghrelin, Leptin, Insulin, Cortisol, Thyroxin. On the program we teach you how to work with the flow of your body and can assist you with Natural Medicine should you need help with sugar cravings around menstruation etc.

3. Nutritional Principles:
Everyone knows that you cannot totally ignore and take no responsibility for what food you consume. However, the other side of the coin involves becoming so consumed with every bite you eat that you end up missing out on the pleasures of life. Doing The Holistic Weight Loss Program you are not given a diet sheet and asked to go hungry. Our approach is to give you some overriding nutritional principles that teach you how to not just lose weight but also how to improve your health.

4. Sleep:
When we are sleep deprived we are more likely to want to crave sugary foods to get a quick burst of energy during the day. If you are wanting to lose weight and have difficulty sleeping we assist you with both mind calming meditation, sleep tips and when appropriate herbs and supplements to get you back into a healthy sleeping pattern.

5. Gut Bacteria / Food Craving’s:
Intense Sugar Cravings can make it very difficult to lose weight. If your Gut Bacteria is out of balance you may find yourself uncontrollably eating large amounts of sugar. A Practitioner quality Probiotic is recommended throughout the program. You will also learn how to include Prebiotic foods into your diet so as to make sustained Gut changes.

6. Exercise:
A common known fact is that exercise has immense benefits for your body. However, often we either sign up for Gym memberships and loose our momentum after a few weeks or possibly you are constantly going to the gym but not loosing any weight. Our recommendations around exercise is that you find something you love doing rather than just doing something that you don’t love but just do to get the results. A little exercise every day is much better than a few long hard bouts followed by nothing.

7. Habit Creation / Breaking:
The results we are achieving in our life is a result of our behaviors. When put under the spot light our behaviors are a collection of habits. As part of the program you learn how to break unwanted habits / create new habits and put it all into a recipe that enables you to work with your body to naturally lose weight.

What happens after the program?
So, you now have all the tools you need, you have found that using our principles that your body has started to let go of some weight without having to go through the usual dietary style deprivation. Maintenance is a very important part of the program. It is entirely optional but highly recommended. Maintenance involves checking in once a month to ensure you are keeping on track. It also helps you with unforeseen challenges that may occur in your life. Ultimately the goal is to get to a place where no matter what happens in your life be it something enjoyable like going on an ‘all you can eat cruise’ or something unfortunate. Regardless of circumstances you have the tools to Feel Emotions and Feed your Hunger.