About Anne Goodall

My interest in how we can heal ourselves using natural products spans back to being a young girl in Ireland and watching my mum put together herbal remedies and use food as a healer for a number of different simple complaints such as the dreaded Irish cough, sore throats, haemmeroids to mention but a few.

However, it would have been my struggle with my weight and poor body image that would ultimately got me to go down the road of natural medicine. I had dieted since being a teenager and by my mid-twenties had developed a tendency to be a weekend bulimic as I now refer to it.

To add to this state of affairs at the age of 21, I had found myself accidently locked into a hotel bathroom on my own and experienced what was to become a pretty intense panic attack. Unfortunately, as anybody knows who has ever experienced such an incident, they rarely only happen once and they were to become a regular part of my life for many years.

You may find yourself thinking while reading this – why is she sharing this and what has it got to do with your health.

I am sharing this because it is part of who I am – and if we are going to work together I am going to be asking you some pretty personal questions. So, you might as well know who you are working with. Also, it has taken me years to find the courage to be able to speak openly and honestly about having experienced an eating disorder and panic attacks. Neither topics make great dinner time conversation. I am not just going to teach you what I have learnt from my studies, my depth of understanding goes deeper due to having ‘walked the walk’ for a significant part of my life…

It’s interesting because people who know me well may be surprised when they read about this. “It is quite normal to suffer in silence and not to let people know you cant cope well with external stressors”. You see on the outside while all this was happening – I kept a brave face on the outside. I didn’t tell anyone that I disliked my body so much that I would chuck up food at the weekend. I never pretended that I was scared to death of lifts and enclosed spaces. Instead I created one life on the outside and the real one inside. However, recently I heard a great saying “There is No Health without Mental Health”. Dr Alan Logan

Now, today I went and found tools in the form of both Natural Medicine and Time Line Therapy to enable me to not be impeded by a fear of enclosed spaces and not to be dislike this body I am living in. It does take time to achieve sustainable change but wow is it worth it.

If you are reading this life story and you know that you also live one life on the outside but underneath the surface you spend part of your life avoiding situations that give you intense discomfort.

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Or, if you are out there and currently live with either a body that you don’t love and want to learn how to change this via mindset and nutritional changes. If you look in the mirror every morning and instantly criticise your body image – and wish you could find a lasting solution… then find out more about ‘The Holistic Weight Loss Program’ and how it can change not just your body but also your body image …

My Journey to creating “The Holistic Weight Loss Program”. Anne’s story from body loathing to body loving:

If you are somebody like me who has spent a lot of your life trying one diet or another. You will have undoubtedly lost weight on a number of different programs but unfortunately over time the weight returns and you find yourself not just back where you started but a little heavier.

That was the story of my life from teenage years right up to turning forty. I could definitely lose weight but I could also gain it back on …. And ultimately I was dedicating a huge chunk of my mental energy and headspace deciding what I could and couldn’t eat every day.

After doing these cycles for not just years but decades, studying a Diploma in Nutrition and working in the Weight Loss Industry for a number of years… I realised that I wasn’t alone … My weight loss – weight gain story was one shared by so so many others …

This is what gave me the motivation and drive to find a different approach to weight loss …. And hence the journey began to check scientific research on weight loss and really begin to understand what it takes to not just lose weight but most importantly to keep it off…

So from both digging deep into what science has discovered about the body and weight loss… plus understanding the difficulties faced by the thousands of people I have worked with over the years of being in the Weight Loss Industry… (In a very busy clinic we would see in excess of 100 + people each weekend day and 35+ on average during week days)

This combined with being diagnosed with Melanoma and realizing that I could possibly die without ever having truly loved my body. I decided to stop dieting and find a different approach.

It is now almost 6 years since I went down the road of food depravation or dieting and in that time I have learnt how to not just get weight off but also sustain the loss. For this reason I know that the program I am offering is not a Fad… but a sustainable solution to sustained weight loss.

I combined my Western Herbal Medicine… Nutritional Qualifications… and decided I to gain Certifications in NLP, Time Line Therapy TM, Hypnotherapy Master and Coaching skills … because to lose weight permanently you need to be able to change your thinking…

One of my greatest pleasures in life is teaching others … how to lose weight and keep it off… without having to feel depravation of food…and without having to have so many daily food decisions that it takes away the enjoyment out of living… and most importantly to be able to look in the mirror and love your body image.

“My passion now is to help others achieve a body that they love without having to obsess daily about their food”. Anne Goodall

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